Zero 360 Fire Suppression System, INEX Approved, SFI 17.1, 5.0 lb Bottle - Mechanical + Single Auto Activation

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Application: Legend Car and Bandolero - INEX Approved

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Zero 360 Fire Suppression System, Mechanical & Single Auto Activation, SFI Rated, 5.0 lb Bottle, Fittings / Hose / Mount / Pull Cable, Kit

Part Number: 103-101-005

Lifeline Fire and Safety Systems has applied over 25 years of Motorsport safety knowledge and unparalleled experience to develop a lightweight and compact SFI compliant 5lbs fire suppression system featuring both mechanical and automatic activation, in one! Two aluminum nozzles disperse the gaseous, clean agent 3M Novec 1230 upon mechanical activation, or a fast acting single automatic nozzle diverts suppressant to the source of the fire requiring no input from the occupant(s) - either of which provides a high level of fire suppression capability with no residue and no electrical system damage.

Lifeline Fire Zero 360 Fire Suppression Systems

Lifeline Fire Zero 360 fire suppression systems use Novec 1230 fire suppressant. It's non-conductive, efficient, and able to tackle fires that are out of sight of the nozzle. This makes the Zero 360 range perfect for use in the professional motorsport environment. Using only the finest materials in both construction and installation kits, the Zero 360 range has a system to suit every size application.