GO Kart | Animal Breather Elbow with Bushing (7/16" Barb)

  • $7.95

Breather Adapter Elbow with Bushing for Animal/LO206 to catch can

Briggs Animal, LO206 Rocker Valve Cover Breather Adapter Kit - Breather Adapter for Overflow Catch Can Tube

Briggs 206 Engine Breather Elbow Fitting with rubber grommet. Installs on 206 valve cover. For use with 692600 vent tube.
  • Metal Vent Kit for Briggs Valve Cover
  • Includes metal elbow and rubber isolator
  • A 90 degree fuel fitting
  • "L" fitting
    • 1/4" with bushing on one end
    • 7/16" Barb/nipple on other end

Replacement rubber grommet: Replacement Bushing for Breather Elbows