GO Kart | FHS Racing Oil - Cyclone Medium (1qt)

GO Kart | FHS Racing Oil - Cyclone Medium (1qt)

  • $14.99

1 quart - Cyclone Medium is an excellent medium weight racing oil.

Good for 20wt to 30wt oil, open and modified classes, jr dragsters, and animal motors.

FHS Cyclone Racing Oil Series!! Blow away the competition like a tropical storm!!

Imagine the power of an eXtreme Tropical Cyclone! FHS has developed a totally new oil package, the Cyclone Racing Oil series. These are some super new oils that compete, head-to-head, with the FHS Hurricane and FHS Endurance series racing oils. The FHS Cyclone oils come from a totally new synthetic additive package, which starts out cleaner and stays cleaner. Outside beta-testing has shown speed enhancement and engine protection by using FHS Cyclone oil. Tests have shown lubricity, extreme pressure levels, and friction reduction on par or better than the other FHS oils. The Cyclone racing oils are clear (or lightly-tinted for special blends) to begin with. Thus, it is easier to check when it becomes necessary to change the oil, as it will darken over time in the engine. When you’re ready, change the oil, put in some new Cyclone racing oil, and you are ready to tear up the tracks again. Your engine will treat you well when you treat it well… Expect improved performance and protection.