GO Kart | The Dynamics of Speed - Book

GO Kart | The Dynamics of Speed - Book

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Dynamics of Speed is one of the most complete karting books on intermediate and advanced setup technology in oval kart racing.  The book opens with the most basic goals in oval kart racing required to make speed.  From there it progresses to the physics of what the kart is actually undergoing on the track and finishes with some detailed tuning tips.

One of the unique aspects of Dynamics of Speed is that not only are theories discussed, but actual, hard facts are presented to describe what's going on with things like weight transfer, castor, steer angle, etc.  This information will help you get a quantitative feel for what is really going on with your kart as it maneuvers around the track.

 It doesn't matter what chassis you're riding, what type of surface, what tires, etc., if you're racing a kart on an oval the dynamics of making speed are very much the same and this book will help you understand what those dynamics are and how you can use them to go faster. 

The manual is 103 pages long and goes into extensive detail into getting a kart to go fast whether it be on soft, slick dirt, hard dirt, pavement or coke syrup.