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Alisyn ProDrive Type 6, 0W-20, 1 Qt.

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Synthetic motor oils have been on the market for many years. Most major oil companies have introduced their version of synthetic motor oil. All of these oils are blended using commercially available additive packages pre-approved for read across API certification. These additive packages are blended to produce the lowest possible cost oil that will pass the selected API certification requirements. This is the reason motor oils, including synthetics, are all very similar (EXCEPT ALISYN).

Alisyn synthetic motor oils are blended to give the highest possible performance, regardless of cost.We use expensive ingredients that make it impossible to compete, based on cost, with most other motor oils on the market. Alisyn motor oils are designed for high performance race engines, not the small test engines used for API certification.

The large difference in price between Alisyn products and other lesser brands of lubricants has led people to ask why they should spend more money for Alisyn products. There are several very good reasons.

Shear Stability Other Synthetics Alisyn
ASTM D-3945B 8 - 12% 4.0%

The highest shear rates for an oil occur in the bearings of an engine. You will get the best bearing protection from an oil that exhibits less viscosity shear down. This translates directly to longer bearing and engine life, and makes it possible to use lower viscosity oils.

ASTM-D4172 Other Synthetics Alisyn
Coefficient of Friction 0.07 0.04

The use of Alisyn oil will cut internal frictional losses by almost half compared to other synthetics. This translates directly to less wear, more power, and better fuel economy.