Proglide Coated Bandolero Wheel Bearing Set

  • $279.99


Kit Includes:

  • Includes all wheel bearings for Bandolero
    • 4 R20 Bearings
    • 4 6204 Bearings


"Let the fast times roll!"  Proglide bearing coatings will make a low friction device even better.  Under a microscope even finished surfaces have microscopic imperfections.  We take those imperfections and fill them with one of the worlds best lubricants with our new coating process.  Unlike other coatings that tend to wear off after periodic wear. Our coating will last the life of the part which will double the life of the bearing.  Sure ceramic bearings are some of the best quality out there, but we feel our bearing treatments will make them equally as good. Grease in bearings is a thick lubricant that acts like a heat sink holding the heat near the race and the ball or roller itself slowing and distorting the metal.  Proglide coatings gives you the ability to lighten your oil and use less because of the awesome friction fighting power.  Maximize performance from your bearings and let the fast times roll with Proglide bearing coatings.

Proglide also has characteristics that aid in the process of retaining oil at metal to metal contact points through a property called adhesion.  Proglide holds oil to the part ensuring proper lubrication. In tight tolerance applications Proglide can fill the void of lack of
lubrication where failure often occurs.  Our coating adds no measurable tolerance to the part once coated