Low Drag

Don't let DRAG slow you DOWN. We all know that decreasing drag frees up horsepower. Before it was a cost benefit for some, that has all changed. At G.O. Motorsports we're making LOW DRAG products obtainable for all.

GO Coatings

GO Coatings: Put NASA technology to work in Your Race Car

Want low drag and effortless motion? We’ve got that here at GO Coatings.

Our proprietary 10 step process ensures you have what you need to keep friction at bay. Our process will take your standard metal components, be it gears or bearings, and allows them to unlock their true potential.

Our coating immerses itself into the surface to form a coating that will not flake or chip. A coating that will enhance the lubrication of your grease or oil, make your parts last longer, lower working temperatures, one that you can feel working right out of the package.

GO Coatings is a must have low drag product for every race car driver.

It’s not magic, it’s science. We use one of the slickest substances known to man to make your parts slide to victory.




    DAYLube™ is a high performance, highly stable lubricant that delivers unmatched performance, durability and wear resistance. NanoCeramic particles – the key component – act as submicroscopic ball bearings

    • Low Coefficient of Friction - lower than PTFE greases.
    • Low Dielectric Constant - excellent insulator.
    • High Dropping Point - maintains viscosity across full temperature range.

    Low Drag Seals

    Custom made seals for your legend car. Free up some more horsepower by reducing drag.

    • Red Boretite Coating
    • Teflon lips
    • Spring reinforced for positive seal