Quarter-Turn / Dzus Fasteners

What Are Quarter-Turn Fasteners?

The simple quarter turn fastener design was invented by William Dzus in the early 1930s with manufacturing in Islip, NY. The Dzus fastener (pronounced like "Zeus fastener") is what Mr. Dzus called it and it worked perfectly for securing panels that required frequent and quick removal, yet could withstand high loads and severe vibration without loosening. The self-locking feature is very strong—safe enough that the aircraft industry and our military began using them. Much like the term "Kleenex" is used for facial tissue, the name "Dzus fastener" is often used to describe quarter-turn fasteners no matter the manufacturer, but you will also hear the terms spiral cam fasteners or turnlock fasteners.

Head designs

  • Availble with a stand sized head or Big head for better material coverage.
  • Winged, also called Butterfly head, does not require tools to remove or install the fastener. Works great for access panels that are frequently used.

Nylon Retaining Rings

  • Quarter-turn fasteners come standard or with an undercut design.
  • The undercut is utilized with the nylon washer, which keeps the fastener in place when opening and closing the panel. Works great for access panels that are frequently used.
  • Downside to the undercut function: the undercut section has a smaller diameter in order to accommodate the retaining ring, which means the fastener fit is not as snug and can be sloppy.

Material types

  • Steel fasteners offer the greatest strength but are the heaviest
  • Aluminum fasteners are much lighter than steel and offer enough strength for many applications
  • Aluminum fasteners are soft and can be more easily damaged on the face.


  • Fastens to the panel so that when released the quarter turn fastener stays attached to the panel–no searching for lost fasteners
  • Spring under the head of the fastener holds it in the ejected position allowing easy removal of the panel
What Does The Quarter-Turn Fastener's Spring Do?

The quarter-turn fastener utilizes a spring, which are typically secured to a spring plate that is held in place with two rivets. The quarter-turn fastener's tip locks into the spring when rotated, securing the two parts of the fastener (and thus the panels they are mounted to) together. There are different spring sizes available in the industry; GO Motorsports carries the ideal size for the US Legend Car and Bandolero. All our quarter-turn products are compatible with each other.

Quarter Turn Fastener Spring Mount Plates

Spring mounting plates are commonly used to fasten a panel onto tubing or a chassis. We offer several plate options depending on where you need to weld the plate and what needs to be fastened.

Quarter-turn Fastener Tools

  • Spring adjusting tool is used to change the height of the spring. Instead of buying springs with different heights, you can adjust the height of your current spring to the perfect fit.
  • Transfer stud punch tool used to mark where a new hole should go into your panel that will be fastened.
  • Quarter-turn Slotted & Hex tool & Quarter-turn fastener tool are used with our fasteners. It has the perfect thickness to fit into the slot for easy turn.
    • The Skybolt brand fasteners supplied by 600 utilize a flat-head screwdriver and don't fit these tools very well.