Heim / Jam Nut Package of 1/2" X 1/2" 2-Piece Black Oxide Chrome Molly | Legend Car

  • $154.99

Package Includes:

  • A perfect way to tighten up up your whole car
    • 10 left hand heim joints
    • 10 right hand heim joints
    • Bonus: Twenty (20) 1/2 inch Jam nuts included

Heim Joint details:

  • 1/2-20
  • 2-piece Legend Car Heim Joint / Rod End
  • 4130 chromoly ( Chrome Molly Steel )
  • Black oxide coated 
  • Teflon lined

We buy them in extreme quantity, so you're able to afford high quality. We go to the manufacturer with high quality standards and a narrow focus. No extra inventory or overhead for you to pay for. Our Heims are better than the competition. All Teflon lined, high strength chromoly, tight standards. No clinking, no NYLAFiber race, no economy here.