Air Scoop for FZ09 / MT09 | Legend Car

  • $39.99

  • Custom made aluminum air scoop for FZ09 / MT09 radiator
  • 2 Piece scoop allows for adjustment to radiator mount
  • Holes pre-cut for bumper and grill mounting
  • Now available in bare silver or black powder coated finish

An Air Scoop made specifically for the FZ09! Our two-piece design ensures that you will always have the most air getting to your radiator regardless of whether it’s mounted a little forward or backward!

Suggested install instructions:

  • The part that has the slots for the bumper bolts etc goes right to the end of the front frame rails and should be flush with the end.
  • The other piece goes on with the two little tabs on the radiator mount and then when it’s flush against the radiator you rivet it down to the other scoop making it all one piece.
  • We make it in two pieces because depending on where the radiator is mounted it would be different per car.