Chemical Guys | Clay Luber Synthetic Lubricant & Detailer / Clay Bar

  • $12.99

Chemical Guys Clay Luber Synthetic Lubricant & Detailer - 16oz

Chemical Guys Clay Bar (Medium Duty) - Gray

Chemical Guys Clay Bar (Light Duty) - Blue


  • Create a super slippery surface for your clay bar
  • Extend the life your natural clay bar
  • Decontaminate any shiny or clear exterior surface
  • Lube your synthetic rubber clay mitt or block
  • Prevent scratching and swirling


  • Restore a smooth surface to that daily driver
  • Help wax and sealant coat last their longest
  • Help your sealant, wax, and paint last their longest
  • Ensure scratch and swirl free polishing
  • Reach deep into pores for the ultimate clean


  • Clay Luber Synthetic Lubricant & Detailer: Clay Luber lays down a coat of slick lubrication between the clay bar and your paintwork to help your clay bar or synthetic substitute glide and slide without getting stuck or marring the surface. 
  • Clay Bar (Medium Duty) - Gray: When no other light duty clay bar can cut through the filth, bust out the Medium Duty Clay Bar to decontaminate your vehicle and restore your rough paintwork to smooth-as-glass feeling! 
  • Clay Bar (Light Duty) - Blue: The Light Duty Clay Bar is the gentle solution for turning lightly rough and bumpy paintwork on new or garage-kept show cars smooth as glass by pulling embedded contamination out.