GO Kart | Bully Clutch - Complete 2800 RPM Clutch, 2-Disc / 6-Spring - 3/4" Bore (No Sprocket) 098-261R

  • $375.00

Product Code: 098-261R

2 Disc 6 Spring, 2800 RPM, Complete Clutch

(No Sprocket included)

This clutch is a 2 disc 6 spring clutch used for the WKA Rookie or Turquoise plate class.

Two clutch options:

  • Standard Weight Levers
  • Ball Levers ( + $30 )

Factory Settings:

  • Engagement: 2800 RPM
  • Weights: Bolts in both positions
  • Springs: Black
  • Spring Height: .235"
  • Aluminum Basket

Kit includes:

  • Complete Bully Clutch with specified configurations
  • Custom Case
  • Complete Directions with set up and installation instructions
  • Installation Hardware

Bully Clutches have established a reputation in the karting community for Consistency, Reliability and Performance that wins races! All Bully Clutch parts are CNC machined or
laser cut, ground and coated with protective material to assure the highest quality parts in the industry.