GO Kart | 3/8 Tie Rod (6" to 13")

GO Kart | 3/8 Tie Rod (6" to 13")

  • $9.99

Go Kart Steering 3/8 inch rods available in lengths from 6" to 13"

Racing 3/8"-24 Black anodized aluminum Radius Rod

3/8" Steering Radius Rod for Go Karts. Tie rod has L/H threads on one end and R/H threads on the other, with 1/2" cut, so the steering rod can be gripped with a wrench without damage when tightened.

Choose your desired go kart steering tie rod length from the options available between 6" and 13", plus the 1/2in sizes in between. TIE ROD ONLY

Go Kart Heim joints (tie rod ends) and the jam nuts are not included. These are sold separately. We have several 3/8" tie rod ends available.