GO Kart | Outerwears Prefilter (3" X 4" & 3" X 5")

GO Kart | Outerwears Prefilter (3" X 4" & 3" X 5")

  • $11.99

Product Code: OW104 & OW105

Outerwears Prefilters are designed to deflect debris damaging to air filters. They can protect from debris as small as .005". By protecting your air filter with an Outerwears Prefilter you extend the life of your air filter between cleanings.

  • Diameter..... 3"
  • Available Lengths..... 4" & 5"
  • Available Colors..... Blue, Black, Red and Yellow
  • Used with AFR100 & AFR110

Outerwears Prefilters are made of puncture resistant polyester mesh which is shatterproof below freezing and resistant to heat up to 450º. The material is constructed with reinforced industrial grade thread and welded at the seams for strength, yet still maintains the elasticity to return to the original position after an impact.