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GO Motorsports Performance Brake Rotor | Legend Car

  • $79.99

GO Motorsports Performance Rotor

G.O. Motorsports has been hard at work producing a super-premium brake rotor. Finally producing a rotor with the high-performance metallurgy, and then pairing that with a treatment process that will enhance the rotor’s construction and aid in its stopping power.  This rotor is packed with performance enhancing qualities. Our process starts with a high-quality, high carbon rotor that is then Cryogenically processed to our standards that consists of a 4-day process. This process includes the highest standards in the industry including a dwell time of at least 24 hours at a temperature of -300 degrees Fahrenheit. The rotor is then heat treated to lock in the crystallization of the cryogenic process.

High Caliber Rotor

  • High carbon metallurgy
    • Improves temperature dissipation
    • greater energy absorption capability
    • reduced hot judder
    • increased vibration damping capacity
  • Double disc grinding, eliminates run out
  • 100% fully machined
  • Mill-balanced
  • Non-Directional Finish, for quick and improved pad bedding


Performance treated and processed resulting in

  • Increase in rotor life.
  • Rotors warp less.
  • Rotors dissipate heat better.
  • Higher resistance to cracking.
  • Improvements in the bulk and matrix hardness.
  • Decrease in wear rate and surface roughness.
  • Rotors are more predictable.
  • Rotors run cooler.
  • Less brake fade.
  • Cracking and warping prevention.
  • Shorter stopping distances.