Radiator Funnel Kit (No Spill Coolant Filling Kit)

  • $29.99

No-Spill Coolant Funnel Kit

Perfect for FZ09 radiator

No-spill coolant filling funnel kits provide a quick and easy way to fill automotive cooling systems while preventing spills. The kits include adapters and extensions to fit filler necks or surge tanks on most domestic and import cars and light trucks. The funnel incorporates a fluid stopper to prevent spills when removing the funnel from the filler neck.


* Includes five direct-fit radiator adapters
* Simply select the correct adapter, attach the funnel, and fill
* Includes 45 degree angled and 5 in. extension adapters for accessing hard-to-reach spots
* Fluid stopper to prevent drips and spills when removing the filler neck