Rectifier for FZ09 | Legend Car

Rectifier for FZ09 | Legend Car

  • $169.99

Rectifier voltage regulator for US Legend Car FZ-09 engine

The rectifier prevents overcharging and dissipates voltage quickly while providing optimum power balance and protection to all of your electrical components. This aluminum die cast heat sink helps remove heat quickly and the slotted mounting holes provide easy installation.

How to know if regulator rectifier is bad? In general, there are two primary ways that the regulator rectifier can fail.

  • First, the diode can burnout and cause the battery to drain. You won’t have any trouble diagnosing the faulty regulator rectifier if the battery is the cause. You’ll note signs right away like poor starts, fluctuating meter readings, and dimmed headlights.
  • The other way that your regulator rectifier could fail is when the shunt regulator burns out. If the regulator rectifier can’t moderate the voltage levels, the battery will overcharge.