USLCI Stock Pinion Bearing Kit | Legend Car

  • $27.99

Kit Includes:

  • 2 Bearing & Race Sets
    • One (1) USLCI Inner Stock Pinion bearing & race set
    • One (1) USLCI Outer Stock Pinion bearing & race set
  • Spool bearing kit also needed for full rear differential

Full rear end stock bearing package also available

    Legend Car Bearing Options at GO Motorsports Shop:

    • Stock: USLCI Front Hub, Rear End (This Product Listing), and Rear Axle Stock Bearings
    • Premium Uncoated: High Quality Timken Front Hub, Timken Spool, Timken Pinion, and NSK Rear Axle
    • R.E.M. Finished: REM Finished Front Hub, and Rear End (Pinion & Spool)
    • Ultimate Low Drag | Premium Coating: Front Hub, Pinion, Spool, and Rear Axle Bearings with our very own Premium GO Coating - Using Premium Bearings