3/16 Aluminum Rivets, Tri-Fold (Exploding) - Black - White - Chevron Blue

  • $9.99

Tri-Fold: 1/2 in Head, 3/16 in Mandrel, Aluminum


  • Tri-fold / Exploding
  • 1/2" Head
  • 3/16" Mandrel
  • Grip range: 0.030" - 0.400"
  • All aluminum
  • Color: Black, White, or Chevron Blue
  • Quantity:
    • 50 count
    • 100 count
    • Box of 250

Tri-fold rivets are designed for those instances when using a backup washer is difficult or impossible. These rivets separate into three legs to spread the clamping force over a larger area, similar to a backup washer. Tri-fold / exploding pop rivets are available in a variety of colors.

Constructed from the highest grade alloy used in the industry, our Tri-fold rivets boast a breakload exceeding 700 pounds. Compared to common breakloads of 350 pounds, this rivet will set twice as tight. "Breakload" is what determines how tight a rivet will pull before the mandrel breaks/snaps. With a minimum grip of only .030", this rivet will extend to .400".