Engine Ice Track Safe Coolant (FZ09 / MT09)

  • $24.99

  • Preferred High performance coolant for FZ09 / MT09
  • No prep needed; ready to use
  • Premix of coolant and deionized water protects your water cooling system from scaling and scarring; phosphate free, non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Reduces engine operating temperatures by approximately 50º
  • Protection from -2 degree F to 256 degree F
  • 64 oz / 1/2 gallon Ready-to-use
  • About 1.5 (3/4 gallon) needed to fill an FZ09 radiator

The key to horsepower is not losing it!

Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is engineered to maintain optimum operating temperature and reduce power loss from excess heat.

Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is a biodegradable, phosphate-free & non-toxic propylene-glycol based antifreeze and coolant.

“Right out of the bottle” Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is ready to provide you with dependable horsepower. It has a 20-year track record of reducing operating temperatures in a wide range of vehicles.

Engine Ice features boil over protection up to 256º F and offers freeze protection to -26º F. It meets or exceeds all ASTM and SAE standards and is safe for aluminum and most other metals.