GO Kart | Float Gauge for Briggs & Stratton LO206/Animal

GO Kart | Float Gauge for Briggs & Stratton LO206/Animal

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One of the most critical adjustments on the Animal PZ carburetor is the float.

The first adjustment to make is the FLOAT DROP. This done holding the carb right 
side up and measuring how far the bottom of the float is from the gasket surface 
(gasket removed) You make this adjustment to keep the float needle from dropping so far out of the seat that it binds. If the needle binds the carb will over flow..

The FLOAT DROP side of the gauge is PRESET at the proper amount. The 
adjustment is made by removing the float and bending the metal tab that hits on one of the pegs that holds the hinge pin (see picture below)

FLOAT LEVEL is responsible for controlling how much fuel is maintained in the float bowl.  There are many different theories on what it should be set to. I have heard numbers anywhere from .820" to .875"  THEREFORE,THE FLOAT LEVEL SIDE OF THE GAUGE IS ADJUSTABLE. YOU CAN SET IT TO WHAT EVER YOU WANT.


The FLOAT LEVEL adjustment is made by turning the carb upside down and 
bending the tab that rests on the float needle.  (See picture below.)

Float Level:  Bend the red tab up or down slightly to adjust the float level.

Float Drop: bend the yellow tab left or right slightly to adjust the float drop.

(How to check the Float Level)

(How to check the Float Drop)