GO Kart | MCP Billet Master Cylinder

GO Kart | MCP Billet Master Cylinder

  • $163.89

Product Code: MCP18875

MCP Billet Master Cylinder Assembly

REPLACEMENT FOR MCP875 Standard Master Cylinder Assembly - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

These master cylinders are commonly used on Micro Sprints, Mini-Sprints, Racing Go Karts, Recreational Go Karts, Quarter Midgets, Mini-Cup cars, Jr. Dragsters, Racing Lawn Mowers, Racing Barstools, and hundreds of motorsports applications.

Product Specs:

  • 7/8" Bore 
  • High performance, billet aluminum master cylinder with black body
  • Features Ethyl Propylene (EP) seals, which allows it to be used with Dot 3, Dot 4, or Dot 5 brake fluid
  • Lightweight, only weighs 13 ounces
  • This master cylinder replaces MCP's older cast aluminum master cylinder