GO Kart | NORAM Star Clutch 1" Shaft #35 Chain (13T-15T)

  • $229.99

 NORAM Star Go Kart Clutch 1" Bore #35 Chain - Choose Sprocket Size: 13T, 14T, or 15T


  • Hub Assembly with Shoes & Red Springs
  • Drum (13T, 14T, or 15T)
    • 13t & 14t have bushing
    • 15t has a needle bearing
  • Clutch Washer
  • Clutch Key

Clutch assembly comes with red springs - additional springs sold separately

The Star Clutch by NORAM works with 1" counterbore kart engines with up to 18hp. First designed for the Tecumseh Star engine this tunable clutch is popular with go kart racers because they can adjust the stall speed by changing the springs.

The Star Go Kart Clutch is available in 13T, 14T, and 15T - select tooth option. #35 chain only. Standard Red Spring is 2500RPM. For additional RPM options other springs must be purchased separately (2800 RPM - White, 3100 RPM - Blue, 3400 RPM - Purple, 3700 RPM - Green, and 4000 RPM - Plain)