Maxima Cool-Aide Cooling System Fluid (Ready-to-Use & Concentrate) | FZ09 / MT09 Engine

  • $10.99

      Maxima Cool-Aide Cooling System Fluid
      • Completely safe for all race tracks - Approved for race use on paved surfaces
      • For use in US Legend Car FZ09 / MT09 engine
      • Powerful additive and deionized water in the Ready-to-use form
      • Maxima Engine Cool-Aide is formulated to reduce engine temperatures and provides significantly better contact on heated surfaces allowing for greater and more efficient heat transfer
      • Cool-Aide protects against rust and corrosion plus it mixes with water and antifreeze
      • 100 percent Biodegradable in its unused form, Cool-Aide is for race use and does not offer freeze protection
      • Glycol, Nitrate, Amine, Borax Free!
      • 2 Form Options:
        • 64 oz (1/2 gallon) Ready-to-use / Pre-Mixed
        • 16 oz (1 Pint) Concentrate
      • Upgrade to more protection: Engine Ice


      • Concentrate Suggestions for Use:

        • Use 1 oz Cool-Aide per quart of water.  (One bottle will treat a 3-4 gallon system).
        • Use with De-ionized or Distilled Water.  Plain water is not recommended for use in any racing radiator.
        • When the system needs to be topped off, either dilute concentrate in a gallon of de-ionized/distilled water, or use Cool-Aide Ready to Use