R.E. Racing Electronics | SWITCH-R Receiver

  • $166.99

We believe that the all new SWITCH R is the most advanced micro-receiver available for race fans on the market today. the all new SWITCH R is incredibly compact (3” L x 1 ¾” W x ¾” D), Ultra durable, and delivers exceptional audio quality over any device we have tested in its category. 

SWITCH R features two programmable preset channels, Bright and clear LCD screen, audio-in and audio-out ports, and adjustable volume.  

For race fans, SWITCH R allows you to quickly navigate between your two favorite channels (favorite driver, radio broadcast, race officials).


  • 3.5mm (1/8”) audio in/out ports
  • 2 programmable RF channels
  • 450-470 MHz range
  • 12.5 KHz bandwidth
  • 1600 UHF channel bank
  • FCC and motorsports compliant
  • Package includes lanyard, 2 AAA batteries, and clip