RRC Top End Fan Kit for 1250/1200 | Legend Car

  • $187.00

Developed in 2016 is the all NEW RRC Top End Fan Kit. New design to replace the previous Top End Fan Kit that is no longer in production. New and Improved this Top End Fan Kit can be used as a single fan over either cylinders 1&2 or 3&4, Order two fans for double cooling capabilities. Precision Machined Billet Aluminum construction with 3 Custom Stainless Steel Valve Cover Bolts to replace the stock bolts. Drastically reduces heat and oil temp!


Waterproof closed motor SPAL Fan will deliver 313 cfm per unit as the previous fan kit provided 135 cfm, more than doubling the cooling capabilities while at similar amp draw. Quick and Easy Installation, sits on top of the stock valve cover grommets, then installing and torquing the 3 custom steel bolts provided to 100 inch pounds. Clearance to accommodate for either Straight or 45 degree Spark Plug Boots and 3 point mounting to clear the clutch master cylinder. Drastically reducing cylinder head temperature adding Horsepower and Longevity to your engine!

This item is INEX Approved

Kit Includes:

  • 1-SPAL Fan
  • 1-Billet Fan Bracket
  • 3-Stainless Steel Custom Valve Cover Bolts (Upgraded Version)
  • **Works with XJR Valve cover Only