RaceCom | Ermes Ergonomic Silicon Earbuds - 3.5mm Mono

  • $299.99

Race Com | Ermes Ergonomic Silicon Earbuds - 3.5mm Mono

Introducing the next level of advanced audio communication earbuds engineered by Ermes for SCHUBERTH

Connector Type: 3.5MM (Mono)


  • ERMES Earbuds are designed and manufactured by a technology leading hearing aid manufacturer in Italy.
  • Ermes auditory engineers have incorporated their latest proprietary micro components into a patented, compact, soft silicone, ergonomic shape, that positions the speaker at the end of the ear canal, as close as possible to the tympanic membrane. This design transmits the sound to the driver in the most effective way possible in order to communicate extremely precisely and to safeguard hearing.
  • The compact size (the smallest anywhere) allows the earbud to fit almost in line with the skull so there is less contact with the helmet. The soft silicone shape ensures optimum comfort for hours of wear. Three different sized silicone tips makes certain that the seal to the ear canal is tight.
  • Just like a hearing aid, there is a wax filter guard at the tip of the bud, that is easily replaced if there is a buildup of ear wax.
  • Available with either a US standard 3.5mm jack (either in Stereo or Mono),  or an RCA connector (typical in Europe). This listing is for the Mono connection type
  • Cable length - earbud to jack end – measures 19.5” (500mm)
  • Comes with carrying case, 3 sizes of silicon tips (for a perfect fit), and 6 replacement wax guard filters
  • One year limited warranty against manufacturer defects

Say goodbye to Custom Earbuds! Even the best custom molded earbuds protrude from the ear canal at least 1/4 inch. During extended wear, the outer part of the custom mold presses against the helmet liner and can cause discomfort. The somewhat rigid construction of the molded bud does not conform perfectly to the ear allowing more surrounding noise to pass through. Eventually, ear wax can build up in the channel housing the speaker, reducing speaker volume significantly. Ermes Earbuds address  all of these frustrations, while also providing better sound performance and reliability. 

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